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Event Organizer Testimonials:

…job well done. Great looking aircraft and great show!
…best act in the business I have seen!
…a real crowd pleaser with many OOOH’s and AHHH’s from the crowd.
…the unique way the smoke worked, it was spectacular.
…You could actually see the maneuvers after they were completed. It was a big hit with our air show crowd!

Ditto going through a smoke-ring. Close up of Herb in the cockpit.
Ditto flying close to the ground with smoke-trails. Ditto flying sideways with smoke-trails.

[The choreographed music starts with REVILLE to get the crowd’s attention.]

Ladies & Gentlemen get your cameras ready, from show left, the World’s Only Smoke-Ring Aerobatics by Herb & Ditto. First they will demonstrate a simulated aircraft carrier take-off at an incredibly slow speed of 65 knots (75 mph). As they make an immediate turn away from the carrier they will be flying mostly on the power of the 1425 horsepower Curtiss-Wright engine, climbing at over 2000 feet per minute.

The AIR FORCE SONG plays in tribute to the USAF’s use of the T-28A model while Herb is “peeling off into a wingover entry from show right” with smoke “ON” for a 350 mph dive & canopy pass at show center. (This pass is perfect for strafing-pyro.)

Next Herb and Ditto start creating smoke rings as they break into their first series of vertical maneuvers: wingovers, Kelly turnarounds, aileron rolls, tootsie roll, barrel roll, barnstormers loop, ½ reverse Cuban eight, and especially Herb’s creation, the three-leaf clover using vertical aileron rolls. The entire performance is completed using only high cruise power and precise energy management in the 4-½ ton trainer.

Herb does all of this while “checking six” for smoke-ring targets. Herb talks to the announcer and spectators encouraging them to participate in counting the number he is able to bust through (a bulls-eye.)

The intensity of the soundtrack music of FOREVER YOUNG continues to set the mood for the last two minutes of the aerobatics, which include the three-leaf clover (Herb’s version of three consecutive cloverleaf turns with vertical rolls and no power increases.) (The high-speed entry is perfect for a single bomb pyro.)

Again, they will try to fly through as many smoke rings as possible, sometimes rolling as they go through. A miss is considered an “Oops.”

ANCHORS AWEIGH plays as Ditto’s tail hook is lowered to signal for a carrier landing. At show center Herb executes an overhead break (a hard level turn) and lowers the speed brake, landing gear and flaps, opens the canopy and lands at show center with the tail hook down.

NOTE: Over-water performances can include a photo pass in the “dirty” configuration in lieu of the carrier landing, unless you can hire a barge with an LSO.

Ditto swooping in for an dynamic angled shot. Ditto at dusk.


The T-28 is a big, powerful, comfortable aircraft for this mission because it was designed as a trainer for two persons. Two rides are normally provided for each show, but other arrangements can be made in advance.

Can you imagine a ride in the last military aircraft designed with a radial engine, especially one as impressive as the Curtiss Wright 1425 horsepower engine? Passengers have a fantastic view from the rear cockpit and are surprised by the powerful surge of the aircraft. They actually get to ride through a smoke-ring and feel the “bump” or “whack” of the churning air of the vortex. The smiles on the faces as they depart the aircraft says it all -- a ride of a lifetime!!!

The rear-facing video camera captures the passenger’s reactions during the flight. A souvenir DVD is given to the passenger and event organizer. The sponsors cherish them! The media can use the video on the evening news to promote your show.

The uniquely shaped smoke rings and twin smoke trails are so interesting to newspaper photographers on the ground that photos of Ditto’s performance have been selected over featured jet teams to be on the front page of the Sunday newspaper.

Herb gives a big thumbs-up to the crowd. Close-up of a member of the news crew in the plane. Ditto flying close to a control tower.


Herb’s full-time job is the air show business. He can be at your event as early as needed for your pre-show promotion activities. Those might include a special media ride in Ditto, with our in-cockpit video camera recording the flight for TV news broadcasts.

Also, if a sponsor wants to attract people to their store, they can run an ad before the show inviting people to come in and sign up for a free ride in Ditto. Herb can be at the store for autograph sessions and provide the ride during the weekend of the show, giving the sponsor even more recognition.


Herb getting his photo taken with him holding a child. Herb signs autographs for his fans.

Herb enjoys sharing Ditto and responding to spectators’ many questions. He provides 75 to 150 postcard size autograph cards that are customized with the show name & date. He also hands out decals of his logo and unit patch, which they really enjoy.

The front of his autograph card. The back of his autograph card.
Herb's logo Herb's Unit patch.